Saturday, February 18, 2017

Ghost Dance Update - about 1/2 done animation (I'm sort of back... I never really left! ;)

It's been a while since I updated this blog... again...  heh :(

1 year almost to the day!   hah: time for the annual blog post!

Some updates on my latest creation:  "Ghost Dance" ...  animation is about half done now.  I've been working on this half assed as I feel like it.  After finishing production on Cold Dark Mirror I needed another break in between projects to recharge and think up new ideas for future films.

You'd think that a short film would be easier to make than a feature:  Less to record, less rendering, less animation...  Turns out you still need to build a lot of sets... and I've only got the main sets built so far... There's some scenes that are only a single shot or two, going to have to "hide" things with clever use of camera angles and fog effects...

I've shut off my Facebook account in the meantime while I finish up "Ghost Dance"   Social media is a total distraction and a time waster if you plan on getting anything actually useful accomplished.  And it's not nearly the grandiose tool for promotion, based on the poor performance of all my films in the sales department!

Which is why I've also QUIT the film INDUSTRY.  It is now purely a personal artistic expression for myself.  As a result, I will be releasing all future releases just like the good old days:  For free on Youtube and Vimeo.  Films for me, by me, on my schedule.   I don't want to hear any fucking complaints like on Archon Defender where the arms were too short 3 years after the fact when I could have done SFA about it. ! :P

 Ever notice there are no really *good* films out these days.  I can't even watch most movies now, especially since I know so much about how they are made, what makes a film good *for me*.   Do you think similarly?   Why not make your own films?     In life there are two choices:  Make art,   or drink yourself to death with crack cocaine and heroin and meth-amphetamines.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Long time since an update here on the ol' blog ;)  

I'm making characters for Ghost Dance in Blender:

I'm using drivers to control the 'toon width' on my character: I've setup two objects (the "Toon Width" slider at the top of the character here...) In the Solidify modifier (which generates the toon edge) I've set up a driver with a simple calculation based on the distance between the origin object and the control. I've created this in all the objects on the character (there's 5 right now: body, hat, gun, sword, scabbard.) So now when I get close up or far away from the character I can adjust the toon width to my liking based on the shot:

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Started writing (by hand...) the first draft of my next film - A short Western animation: "Ghost Dance" -  I sat outside and took advantage of the good weather instead of being cooped up all winter.  I've been loosely following Blake Snyder's "Save The Cat" - A good starting point for screenwriting, and the story structure you "should" follow to write a good screenplay.  The quotes there indicate that it's only a starting point, there's no set rules in screenwriting ( in my opinion..)  

The three act structure outlined in Save the Cat is a good guideline, and the "beat sheet" I've found invaluable in fleshing out screenplays.   But I'm not opposed to thinking outside the box, when it comes to script writing.  The main thing is to write consistently, and to have a compelling story that underlies the film.   Good characters, with motivation and growth, with conflict and adversity, and a resolution.  If you take 3 acts or 6 to get there, doesn't matter, as long as the elements hold the story and the audience.

No visuals to show for the film yet.  This early in the process I'm building the film in my mind, the script outlines my ideas as I develop them.  I started with a beat sheet, one page handwritten that outlines the whole project, and I follow that in the next phase, drafting the first revision of the script.  I'll make revisions to the script after I have the first draft,  and fine tune the story before the next stage:  Storyboards.

I'm going to be posting my progress for this whole project, from the first brainstorming to the final film, as a guide to my process.   Here's the brainstorming and treatment that I initially created for the film:

I Brainstormed some Cliche elements that I have to put in the film:

Elements in a Western film
● Gunfight / showdown at high noon
● Undertaker measures up a coffin for the poor sap who just walked into town
● Sign on the outskirts of town with a population ie 23 people on it with numbers crossed
● Old broken down covered wagons
● Slowly riding a horse through the desert
● Monument valley landscape
● Saloon doors
● Some guy playing a harmonica
● Four roughians playing poker
● Small graveyard outside town with shitty old time gravestones
● Prairie dogs popping up out of the ground cover
● Riding off into the sunset.

The treatment I'll use as a rough guide, and flesh out in more detail as the first draft of the film:

Treatment / Plot outline
An Indian Spirit Talker invites a cowboy ( The Stranger) to sit with him at his fire. Two braves
sit off away from them, watching out into the night.

The Stranger tells the Spirit Talker about his wife and child, who were killed when their
plantation burned at the end of the Civil war. After this, the Stranger went west; there was
nothing left for him once the Confederacy was defeated, he came home from war to find his
home destroyed and family dead) The Stranger tried to hang himself then, but the rope
broke, and the desperation of hopelessness then held him back from trying a second time.

In the west, the Stranger wandered westward until he came to a town where he had a run in
with some local thugs who he saw beating a woman and child. This woman and child
reminded him of his own family, and he couldn’t let it go unanswered. The Stranger goes to
the saloon where the thugs are playing poker, he sits in on their game, laying down a bullet in
place of a coin... he accuses them of being dishonorable scumbags; the thug leader
challenges him to a shootout at high noon.

They shootout in a dramatic fashion, though we don’t see who has won the gunfight.
The Spirit Talker tells the Stranger that the Dead cannot die again. The Stranger tells him
that he has been wandering westward for a long time, that he cannot even remember how
long anymore. The Spirit Talker tells him that he is already dead... how else can they
understand each other if not for the fact that the Spirit Talker speaks the language of the

The Stranger does not remember if he was killed as a soldier on the battlefield, if he did
manage to hang himself, or if he died in the shootout with the thug gang. The Spirit Talker
tells him as he is leaving, that he will find no rest unless he gives up his wandering. He tells
the Spirit Talker that he will keep riding west; that there is always a horizon to walk towards.
The stranger gets on his horse, and walks off into the sunset.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Script Writing has begun!

I've started writing an outline and a script for my next production, this time it will be another short, a Western in the style of the great Spaghetti Westerns of the 60's and 70's.  Working title- "Ghost Dance".   Some of the goals for this production is to develop a good horse model and rig,  develop a flat shaded toon / hand painted look that will be a bit of a departure from the style in my previous films,  a more expressive face rig with emphasis on the eyes, but keeping things simple and still avoiding the uncanny valley.  

I  also intend to document my process a bit than the last production, Cold Dark Mirror, which I made pretty much hiding out in a darkened studio room with no contact to the outside world.   This time I want to show how I do each step of the process, with videos and demonstrations of my process with an emphasis on using Blender each step of the way.

All my other films are still going strong, and available on various distribution channels.  Check out my main film website: Original Sine Productions with links to all the films.

In Uberector news,  Jimmy Screamerclaus has wrapped up on When Black Birds Fly  I've seen a sneak preview of this, and it's a pretty trippy experience,  definitely a step up in his game from his previous works.  If you search around, you can find some reviews for his first film "Where the Dead go to Die" which pan it as the worst animated film ever.  Quite an accomplishment: being mediocre is easy... anyone can be the best, but to be the WORST... that takes talent! 

I also hear that M Dot Strange is coming back from Game Development in his "spare" time (where he get's this spare time from is beyond me...)   to work on a new film project.

Uberector Spooktergeist has released a teaser for his new project:  River of Dry Blood.  He's working in Blender as well, and this film looks like it's going to be good:

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Cold Dark Mirror is Released!!!

I suck at updating this blog.  Usually because:
  1. I'm lazy
  2. I'm busy working on films or at my day job
  3. I'm drinking beer or sleeping (simultaneously)

The VOD release of my third animated feature film, the fantasy epic Cold Dark Mirror!

Available now for rent or purchase on Vimeo VOD: 

The 3D Stereoscopic version includes the standard 2D version,
3D Anaglyph version, and 3D L/R Upper/Lower for 3D enabled displays.

Don't forget my other films, Archon Defender and Origin A Call to Minds, available on Google Play and iTunes!

Archon Defender - get it on Google Play or DVD

Origin: A Call to Minds - on iTunes and Google Play

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Cold Dark Mirror - Characters - Clovis


Acheron's Cat Familiar, fiercely loyal and protective, even to the point of his own peril.  Clovis has a dominating independant side which Acheron must constantly keep in check, by Compulsion when necessary; although ultimately Heroic and loyal.